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Our initiative is all about using art as an effective medium for raising awareness among Children because art is the best medium for social change. Our aim is to beautify, brighten and spruce up the marred walls of under-developed schools by painting them artistically and write messages based on environmental and social themes. In the process of revamping these walls, we make art accessible to the students and create awareness about important social issues.

The Paint Pondicherry team feels that the aesthetical quality of the school is also important for learning outcomes. The freshly painted and aesthetically pleasing walls is associated with increased levels of student engagement and, therefore, increased levels of learning. Paint Pondicherry passionately believes in this school of thought. We also extend to the environment in and around Pondicherry, where we want to create a clean ambience, cleanliness and brightened streets for a better society to live in.


Our vision is to convey message through ART, especially for the students from the Underprivileged Educational Institutions and create a beautiful and clean environment in and around Pondicherry.


We strive hard to achieve our vision through the two main objectives:

Our primary objective is to paint Government school walls with different themes such as General Knowledge, Entertainment, Awareness, and Quotations that would include Thirukural , Bharathiyar verses, and many more, with a strong social message.

Our secondary objective is to beautifully paint the abandoned & dirty walls, so as to increase the visibility during the night hours and also to avoid public nuisances (public urinations, dumping garbage etc.)


Paint Pondicherry has empowered and uplifted hundreds of children through an activity called ͞SPARK͟. The objective of SPARK is to create awareness of various Educational opportunities that are attainable for the under privileged school children. SPARK is an interactive session with the children where various opportunities in education (e.g. Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Marine studies, Bio Technology, Fashion Technology, Textile Engineering etc.) are presented to the children by the passed outs or the people who are currently working in the respective fields. The main aim is to help the children pursue the right dream and show them the ways to achieve it. Our team is always engaging with them, teaching them and making them smile.



Since its inception, Paint Pondicherry has successfully carried out seven projects and plans on doing more. Our aim is to slowly expand and hopefully get everyone to come forward and contribute whatever he or she reasonably can for the betterment of our future generation. The idea is to make a difference, even a small one.

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Indira Nagar Higher Secondary School



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St. Patricks Matriculation Higher Secondary School


October, 2014

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Jawahar Higher Secondary School


September, 2015

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Suthukeny Government Primary School


September, 2017

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Government Primary School


November, 2017

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Vetha High School


December, 2017

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Government Primary School


January, 2018

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Government Middle School


February, 2018

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Government Primary School


April, 2018

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Public Event

Old bus stand - Uzhavar Sandai

May 5, 2018

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Governmant Primary School

Chinna Veerampattinam

June 16, 2018

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Governmant Primary School


July 14, 2018

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Governmant Primary School


September 1, 2018

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Governmant Primary School


September, 2018

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Public Event

Gandhi Thidal (Opposite to Gnadhi statue), Pondicherry Beach

September 21, 2018


Our next big school renovation event.
Come forward to participate and volunteer for a greater deed. To give a thought on what we do, a proper blackboard is a great infrastructure for the school children.
What more? We do illustrative paintings which can teach the children , what not? It's fun too.


We are constantly looking out for like-minded volunteers who want to make a difference to help us grow and spread the love & positivity through the lovely artworks on the walls of under-developed schools in and around Pondicherry. This is a fun initiative, which hopes to bring together art enthusiasts and the people who are passionate towards social service. Anybody who'd like to volunteer will become a part of our Paint Pondicherry family and would be notified about our further activities!

Also, you may choose to volunteer or donate a small amount based on what you can afford. We assure you that any resources you contribute are going to a genuine organisation and will be well-utilized to help those in need. So please take some time to help our organization that is trying to educate, empower and uplift the children every day! Thanks in advance.

There is a long, exciting and colorful journey waiting ahead of us!


We raise funds for their events and art supplies through donors & philanthropic sponsors who wish to lend their support to this wonderful initiative. Please contribute towards our effort by helping us with the funds. Every rupee that is donated to Paint Pondicherry goes towards classroom expenses paints, brushes and art supplies. The funding goes directly for the philanthropic activities and every penny spent will be tracked and reported to the funder.

Your contribution can go a long way in helping a charity reach out to poor children and can help bring smiles to so many faces.




133, 8th Cross, Karmaveerar Kamarajar Teachers Nagar
Papanchavady, Ottampalayam,
Puducherry- 605 004.
Phone: +91 9629633119/7338890888/ 9750214162